About Us

Hey there! We're Cyberportal, a private search engine dedicated to restoring freedom for online information seekers who are increasingly frustrated by the data harvesting and pervasive advertising prevalent in mainstream search engines.

Our mission is to make a vast array of human knowledge, creativity, and self-expression more accessible online in a user-friendly and trustworthy manner while ensuring complete privacy. Cyberportal does not track users or keep any search logs, ensuring an entirely private browsing experience.

Cyberportal originated in late 2021 as an educational initiative led by a seasoned technology entrepreneur alongside programming students. The project emerged in response to the invasive data collection, profit-centric algorithms, and cluttered search results that characterize conventional search engines.

Unlike many so-called "private" search engines that merely repackage results from big tech providers, Cyberportal utilizes its unique blend of search technologies combined with results from private search databases. This distinction ensures that we never interact with "big tech" companies, maintaining a pure and independent search environment.

Mainstream search results are often overwhelmed with ads and sponsored content, compromising accuracy due to broad advertising algorithms. This detracts from relevance and forces users to waste time discerning which results are sponsored. Cyberportal was created to counter this issue by providing a space where users can access pure, ad-free, propaganda-free search results derived solely with relevance to the user's query, not advertising bias.

Hosted in one of the most secure, high-speed, and robust data center facilities in North America, Cyberportal boasts under 5 milliseconds of latency from the New York Internet Exchange, along with several local CDN points on the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast of the United States. Our vision was to craft a fast, secure, and advertisement-free search experience that prioritizes you.

Owned by 2851778 ON INC., a private corporation focused on technology, Cyberportal is driven by a commitment to developing innovative computing methods outside the realm of "big tech." We emphasize the use of Free and Open Source Software and the Linux Operating System. Our search engine leverages modern algorithms to preserve privacy and deliver fast, unbiased, and relevant results without advertisements or propaganda.

Our development team operates remotely. Our parent company is headquarted in Ontario, Canada, and is currently making strides to establish a cross-border presence in the United States.

Thank you for your interest in Cyberportal! We are passionate about enhancing your online experience and interaction. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback.